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Course completion is a pre-requisite for sliding-scale (free-$36) live interactive workshops with Chris + other QT yoga teachers that explore areas of this course in depth.

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About Yoga For Non Binary Folx And Those Who Love Us

A course for everyone seeking freedom from the confines of colonial binary thought

Did you know that Yoga is a BLISS practice whose philosophy demands the dissolution of binaries to experience enlightenment? 

This course is open to ALL people who want to learn a new framework for exploring and validating non-binary thinking generally (an effective antidote to patriarchal + white supremacist narratives), with special support for trans and nonbinary humxns.

"And Those Who Love Us" = Everyone!

Whether you're enby, trans, cis, queer, hetero, or otherwise identified, if you're looking to:

  • Root your Self-understanding in an ancient tradition of bliss and Pure Consciousness
  • Center your yoga practice on spiritual transformation and liberation
  • Expand your knowledge of the foundations of yoga
  • Deepen your capacity for love
  • Commit to your unique purpose
  • Align your practice with anti-oppression frameworks
  • Strengthen your ability to behave as an active accomplice to anti-oppression

This course is for you!

In Yoga for NonBinary Folx and Those Who Love Us, you'll:

  • Learn the difference between root binaries, relational binaries, and natural binaries
  • Understand the relationship between binary thinking and violence
  • Discover the types and relational sites of violence within yourself and create an "Ahimsa Peace Map"
  • Imagine yourself beyond the gender binary, even if you identify as man or womxn
  • Create a unique purpose statement to help you personalize your learning and your practice
  • Develop new, more expansive frameworks for Self
  • Gather helpful reference points (with ancient roots) to help you dismantle the oppressive mental constructs that make it harder for us to love ourselves or others fully
  • Apply anticolonial takes on the Yamas and the Niyamas
  • Connect the 5 Koshas and the 5 Kleshas, and apply that knowledge to dismantling binary thought
  • Receive:
    • 20+ educational videos + presentations
    • 6 recorded meditations with instructions
    • 2 yoga asana practices - 1 for balance + 1 restorative
    • The framework for a 40-day Sadhana to help you integrate your learning into your daily life
    • 3 Journaling exercises
    • A tea recipe for digestion and integration
    • 4 Color-Me-In Mind Map templates to help you begin creatively mapping out your transformation goals
    • Quarterly product / worksheet updates so your learning continues!
    • Quarterly free Q + A sessions with Chris
  • Qualify for live Yoga for Binary Dissolution workshops with course-founder Chris Johnson, including a 40-Day Sadhana Support Group, and workshops supporting the processing, digesting, and implementation of all this juicy learning. This course will serve as a pre-req for most Yoga for Binary Dissolution workshops.


We've been raised in a world of false binaries. Many of those binaries are imposed on us within a system of cisheterosexist, misogynist, ableist, fatphobic, sex-negative white "supremacy"! As we internalize these mechanisms of white "supremacy," it can be challenging to make sense of ourselves -- our true selves, our Higher Selves.

It can also be difficult to understand the people we know and love who challenge binary constructs, whether through nonbinary gender pronouns, transgender identities, or other ways of allowing nuance to rule the day. 

Wouldn't it be great to lovingly come to understand these while simultaneously gaining the tools needed to ease the nervous system, generate rest, heal, and clarify and pursue your purpose?

Chris thought so, too!

In this course, you'll gain plenty of support in processing this information with breathing exercises, meditations, yoga asana practice, and journaling exercises that will help you clarify your heart's purpose...and see yourself beyond gender (even if you're straight and cis!)

Course curriculum

  • 2


  • 3

    The Relationship Between Binary Thinking and Power

    • Binaries and Power

    • Identifying Binaries: Foundational, Relational + Natural

    • Nadi Shodhana + Pratiloma Instructional Video

    • Nadi Shodhana 1 Pager primer

    • Nadi Shodhana + Pratiloma 1 Pager

    • Nadi Shodhana Meditation

  • 4

    Yoga For Transcending Binaries: Finding Purpose, Clarity and Balance

  • 5

    Conformity Counters Purpose + Binaries Create Violence: Koshas + Yamas

    • Videos Explanation

    • Prana Shuddhi Meditation (3 min)

    • 5 Koshas Intro

    • 5 Koshas: How We Experience Ourselves In and Beyond the Body

    • 5 Koshas Embodiment Practice

    • Yamas Intro

    • Yamas: How We Interact With Ourselves + The World Around Us

    • Ahimsa

    • Exercises in Peace and NonViolence

    • Satya

    • Asteya

    • Brahmacharya

    • Aparigraha

    • Suggestions for Integration and Meditation

  • 6

    The answers are within: Niyamas + Kleshas

    • Chandra Bhedana Meditation

    • 5 Kleshas Intro

    • The 5 Kleshas: How We Stop Ourselves from Living As Our True Selves

    • Kleshas, One by One

    • Kleshas + Gender Binary

    • Take a break!

    • Intro to Niyamas

    • Niyamas: How we develop the courage to be ourselves

    • Saucha

    • Santosha

    • Tapas

    • Svadhyaya

    • Silent Seated Heart Openers - For Svadhyaya

    • Ishvara Pranidhana

    • Suggestion for Meditation

    • Journal Prompt: Kleshas

  • 7

    Digesting, Absorbing and Integrating This New Information

    • How do we absorb new ways of seeing and integrate new ways of being?

    • Digesting + Absoring New Information

    • 40 Day Sadhana Commitment - Explanation

    • 40 Day Sadhana Commitment Download

    • Mind Maps: How and Why

    • Color Me In Mind Map Example Time Lapse

    • Color Me In Mind Maps Download

    • Apana Vayu Meditation

    • Fresh Ginger and Jamaica Tea - For Cleansing, Absorption + Digestion

    • Jamaica + Ginger Tea Video

  • 8

    Thank you and goodbye!

    • Course Review

Your Instructor

Queer. Non-Binary. Certified.

Founder and Lead Trainer: Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki

Chris Johnson

Chris (they/them) is a Reiki Master Teacher, an RYT-200 Yoga Teacher with a Master's degree in Social Justice Education and certifications in Yoga Nidra and Meditation. They also offer Sound Healing and private coaching. They combine their training in anticolonial education and the healing arts to create radical-anticolonial healing spaces and ancestral education for BI/PoC, Queer Folx, and anti-racist accomplices. Catch them on IG @itsmechrisjohnson .

Join Chris for an LGBTQIA+ Meditation

Every 1st Saturday Chris leads a virtual group meditation with Cuties Coffee, the queerest, cutest coffee shop in Los Angeles! Free for BI/PoC and Pay-what-you-can for white queer fam


Rest In Power Yoga and Reiki is committed to equity pricing models that enable colonized folx to invest in themselves and privileged folx to invest both in themselves and in the most marginalized among us. We believe in abundance!

  • Reparations

    This course is available at no cost to unhoused, incarcerated, e-carcerated, and paroled Trans, Gender Non Conforming and Queer Humxns as well as to Trans, GNC and Queer Humxns transitioning out of carceral slavery.

  • Equity Pricing

    $108 - This tier supports BI/PoC, Trans + NonBinary Folx and folks with limited resources. For many of us, our life depends on access to this affirming and healing information. QTBIPOC in need can email with scholarship requests!

  • Honest Investment

    $270 - This extensive online course provides a level of teaching often reserved for 300-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, and the value of the offerings is much higher than $270. However, this information is so critical, Chris wants to keep the pricing accessible for dedicated learners who can invest more toward the actual cost of the course.

  • Pay It Forward

    $324 - The real value of this course goes well beyond the price tag -- the philosophies + practices of yoga, and the dismantling of nonbinary thought, can transform lives for the better. Help yourself and another divine being by purchasing the course for yourself and a nonbinary or trans person in need.

Give A Scholarship!

Provide a scholarship without signing up. Send your love offering via Venmo: @restinpoweryogareiki and add "YFNB Scholarship" to the note :)

Equitable Pricing

Consider the labor and expertise of this working class Black Queer NonBinary Humxn and purchase at the highest level you can comfortably afford. Your solidarity is felt. Email for reparations access.

Kind Words

Better vision

by Ann

I truly enjoyed the monthly meditation yesterday and learning about mutual interdependence. I kept that visual of connected energy and support the rest of the day and it will become a part of my regular practice. Thank you for such a wonderful class and for helping envision a decolonial world.

Highly Recommended

by Charlotte

Chris leads a wonderful meditation. Insightful, sincere and informative, I really felt comfortable in the space they created and it was really healing to practice in a group nurturing queer community. Genuinely one of the best group meditations I've taken part in. I'd highly recommend working with Chris and really looking forward to the next time I do!

Lovingly Guided

Dr. Grace of Rooted Physical Therapy

Thank you Chris. This meditation was lovingly guided. The break out group began the session as an invitation to fully show up and be seen in my healing. Grateful for the moments of calling back my wondering mind. Beautiful practice.

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